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20 January 2008 @ 01:41 am
You'll pardon me for going a little meme-crazy these last couple of days; it seems there are some really fun ones floating about my Flist! :)

Snagged from flybutterfly24.

Tell me what you really think of me, anonymously. Write with written language and no smileys, so I don't recognize who you are. And be honest.

Pleeeease do it, I really do want to know. :)

EDIT: Posted some Sweeney movie icons at athing_ofbeauty just a minute ago! [For a preview, see icon I'm using w/this post, lol.] So, you lovely Sweeney-people, please please please go check 'em out and tell me what you think! :)
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29 November 2007 @ 10:17 pm
First - new header! I figured it would only be a matter of time until I had to have myself an RSL one, and when my Helen/Hugh one stopped showing up for some reason, I just made it! lol I think I like the way it turned out :)


Nextly, I watched the movie Tape last night, with Ethan Hawke, RSL & Uma Thurman - they are the only three people in it and it takes place in a little motel room, and it's really good! That's what these two little pics [which were in my RSL picspam] are from:

And now, meme time! I thought this one that miss Kate, charmingnotion, posted would be something interesting and different for me.

Leave me an anonymous comment pouring your heart out. Say anything. Tell me your stories, your secrets, those things no one ever asks but you wish to tell. Tell me about your love, your hate, your indifference, your joy. Tell me about what's inside of you when you're reading through these entries on your friends list, and tell me why you continue to come back here. Tell me anything. Tell me what you really think of me or yourself. Anything.

Post anonymously [by selecting the anonymous box]. Speak honestly, because there isn't any censure here. Post as many times as you like. One faceless wonder to another. You don't have to be on my friends list. You can just be stopping through. It doesn't matter.

Please do it? I think it would be really cool, and you can leave more than one comment if you also have something that you want to say un-anonymously [is that right? lol].

P.S. Just posted some icons at athing_ofbeauty, so if you aren't a member and wanna see some RSL, Jeff Gordon, & Rachel Weisz from The Fountain, I suggest you get your happy little butts over there! lol ;)

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03 May 2007 @ 11:37 pm
Please, please, PLEASE join underrated_gems!

For the love of Gena and Ellen, just do it! You know you wanna ;D

And if it's any extra incentive, I promise a picspam there very soonly!
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31 March 2006 @ 08:28 pm


♥ I'm pretty proud of how it looks and all that--first post coming soon! :)
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30 March 2006 @ 04:13 pm
Ok, so, I wanna make another icon community (rather than a journal, I think it would be easier to keep active). The only thing is, due to my extreme lack of creativity (as always LOL), I can't think of a name for it. I want something AWESOME, like summer rain, but I tried that and can't use it :( So yeah, I'm thinking something like Kate's lavie_boheme_, without "icons" in the name....but I have no ideas-help! LOL Thanks so much, you know I love you all! :D
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16 November 2005 @ 08:20 pm
[mood | Image hosted by Photobucket.com melancholy, but happy for memories of Dixie =) ]

Because it's REALLY longCollapse )

And now, if you read all that, I reward you with yet another picture, though not the one with me b/c my Karol still has to send me that one lol ^_^

It could be better, but it was hard for Karol to get the pics because D moved around a lot lol-I just love this pose of hers though (minus the huge-looking thumb due to movement lol) so I'm posting it. =) The pic w/me, and maybe some more good onstage ones, to come! ^_^
16 November 2005 @ 03:17 pm
Just one for now, until I can pick the best ones out of the rest and shrink them down to a reasonable size:

We were definitely FRONT ROW CENTER :D You can SO tell how awestruck our director of the theatre program is by her can't you? ^_^

**EDIT** The pic is HUGE-this is a "chopped up" version to get closer in on Dixie :D My friend had the camera, and this is just a really good pic ^_^

04 September 2005 @ 02:33 pm
I just wanted to announce that I heart my new icon! lol =)
14 July 2005 @ 11:03 am
And play your favorite classic movie characters! tomrwsantherday and I are co-mods and it shuld be so fun!! ^_^
17 June 2005 @ 06:29 pm
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